Sealing & Ventilation

The Rain Case protects the television from weather, dust, and insects

The interface between the enclosure base and cover is sealed with a bulb seal, similar to the design for a car door.  When the cover is placed onto the base and the latches are clamped, the bulb seal is compressed to keep the elements from getting to the valuable television.


Sure Seal Cable Grommet System

The IP54 (weather resistant) rated cable grommet design seals up to 4 cables (upgradeable to 8) individually to prevent water and insects from entering the Rain Case.  The design allows the cables and their terminals to pass through the grommet and then uses individual clamps to seal around the diameter.


Storm Breeze Air Circulation System

The vents, located on the bottom of the Rain Case, feature cleanable vents to prevent foreign object intrusion.  The STORM BREEZE AIR CIRCULATION SYSTEM available on the AL200 and AL300 models features a circulation fan and filter to ensure consistent airflow to the flat-panel television.

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