Internal TV Mounting Adapter Plate

The Rain Case adapter plate accommodates the VESA mounting patterns used by most television makes and models.  There are no holes to drill or modifications required to attach your favorite television model.  The mounting accepted by the included adapter plate are

Small Rain Case Models: VESA 100x100, 200x100, and 200x200 patterns

Large Rain Case Models: VESA 200x200, 400x200, and 400x400 patterns



Rain Case U-Mount System

The mounting points on the back of the Rain Case allow for easy mounting to the universal mount of your choice.  The mounting pattern adheres to the VESA requirements which makes it compatible with most fixed, tilting, articulating arm, or hanging universal mounts.  When selecting a universal mount for the Rain Case system, be sure that the combination of the television and Rain Case weight does not exceed the recommended limit of the universal mount. VESA enclosure mounting patterns are:

Small Rain Case Models: VESA 200 x 200

Large Rain Case Models: VESA 400 x 400


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