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How weatherproof is the RAIN CASE?

  • The design for the RAIN CASE sealing system protects the TV from almost all weather conditions.  The enclosure should be removed for extreme weather such as a hurricane due to the high wind conditions.


How waterproof is the RAIN CASE?

  • The sealing system for RAIN CASE will protect the TV from a downpour or even the hose! The enclosure will not protect the TV from water submersion.  If water does enter through the ventilation system, it will be safely routed to drainage holes located at the bottom of the enclosure without harming the TV. 


Can the RAIN CASE be left outside in the cold winter months?

  • The RAIN CASE enclosure is made to withstand temperatures as low as 0 deg F.  The TV on the other hand is probably not.  Check with the manufacturer of the TV that you select to place inside of the RAIN CASE to find its temperature limits. The RAIN CASE enclosure is easy to remove for the winter months where you probably won't be using your outdoor TV anyway! 


Is the RAIN CASE system difficult to install?

  • Of course not!  We spent extra time to make the setup and installation as easy as possible.  The enclosure contains only 3 pieces (The Base, Cover, and Adapter Plate).  There is no drilling or tools required except a standard phillips screwdriver.  The general steps are below:
    1. Mount TV to Adapter Plate
    2. Mount Base to the universal mount of your choice (Just as you would install the TV in your living room!)
    3. Connect the Adapter Plate into the Base.
    4. Install the Cover


Will the RAIN CASE protect my TV from theft?

  • The RAIN CASE latches feature lockouts to accommodate a standard padlock.  The latching system is connected with non-removable fasteners to prevent the removal of the entire latch assembly to gain access to the TV. 


What makes RAIN CASE different than the competition?

  • The RAIN CASE enclosure uses high quality durable aluminum as its base material.  This gives the enclosure superior durability and life over the competition.  We then apply a powder paint to give an appealing, durable, and maintenance free coating that you can be proud to display.  Installation and removal of the RAIN CASE is simple and requires no holes to be drilled or modifications to be made.  The different models that are offered allow the user to protect their outdoor TV without sacrificing audio or video quality.


What are my options to connect to the Outdoor TV in the RAIN CASE?

  • There are several different methods to supply an audio/video feed to your outdoor TV.  If the cable box or entertainment player is small enough, it can be placed inside of the RAIN CASE enclosure under the TV.  If it is too large to fit, one option is to leave the cable box or entertainment player inside the house/building and only run the HDMI supply cable out the wall to the RAIN CASE enclosure.  There are many remotes available that have long range capability and can pass through walls to change the channel.  Another option is wireless HDMI.  This will save the hassle of having to route the HDMI cable from the inside of the house/building to the outside.  The audio/video signal will be transmitted wirelessly and the only cable that will need to enter the RAIN CASE enclosure is the power cord.

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